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Things to Bring and Things to Know for Cub Scouts  and their  Parents

Having the right clothing, food products, gear and hat are all fundamental requirements for safety and a great Day Camp experience! Cubs who are not dressed appropriately, will be removed from the programs until proper clothing has been obtained.

Helpful Things to Remember

Please make sure your cub has had a good meal prior to attending camp each day. Cubs will also need a good night's sleep to keep up with all the fun adventures of each day at camp.

What To Bring


Cubs will receive their own 'official' Day Camp T-Shirt on the first day of camp. Be sure your cub wears their Day Camp T-Shirt every day, it is their uniform for the week. No camp participation without a camp shirt on! The cub's t-shirts will be grey, carrying the Camp standard.

Foot wear

Sturdy shoes or hiking boots must be worn while at camp. No open-toed shoes or sandals.

Head wear

All participants are recommended to bring a hat that covers the entire head.

Food, Gear and Other Stuff

Sack Lunches/Dinners are needed every day. Please send the lunches in a plastic Ziploc-type bag with the cub's name on it. The Pack provided coolers may use ice or ice packs, which will melt in the morning. Without a Ziploc-type bag the lunches can become a soggy mess!

Bring a water bottle with water (No glass containers). There are faucets available for refills.

Prepare for the weather

While we always hope for balmy high 70s, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. So be aware of the weather forecast, and plan accordingly. Layers work best for cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings. Be prepared!!

Bugs, Sun and Medications

It is recommended that cubs use sunscreen and insect repellent prior to coming to camp.

Medications that need to be brought to camp must come to camp in the original prescription bottle prescribed by the medical physician. Any over-the-counter medication being brought to camp must be in the original bottle labeled with the cub's name. Special instructions must accompany all medications and be signed by the parent/legal guardian. These medications will be held and distributed (at prescribed times) by the camp’s medical personnel. The Camp medical officer, as per National guidelines, must collect all youth medications.

Please label all items coming from home. We would like them to make it back.

What "NOT" To Bring

No mobile phones or electronic toys at camp.
No matches, fire starters, knives or other weapons at camp.