Youth Volunteers on a Quest!

Youth Volunteers on a Quest!

Youth Volunteers must be 12 years of age or older

Cub Scout Day Camp is a unique volunteer opportunity experience. You will be working with cubs aged 6-10, in an outdoor camp environment. There are two sessions, Morning and Afternoon, running afternoons on Monday - Thursday and mornings on Tuesday - Friday You are welcome to work one or both sessions. Volunteer hours can be counted for school requirements.


We will have a Training Event for all Youth Staff on Tuesday, July 2nd, beginning at 4:00 p.m. (until 7:00 p.m.). The event will be held just off Lake Marcel in Carnation, at 31338 NE 111th Street (98014). After training there will be a lake party and barbecue. Please bring chips or a dessert to share.

Expectations of youth volunteers

Be able and ready to help lead and/or teach groups of young cubs. Come prepared to work hard. You will make new friends, and finish the week with pride in a job well done.

  • There is no mobile phone usage during camp hours.

  • Bring a sack lunch or dinner (or both, if you are working both sessions) and a water bottle.

  • Youth volunteers will be given staff t-shirts, and will be asked to dress in activity-appropriate clothing while on-site. For boys, no cut-off or tattered shorts, underwear may not be visible, and shirts will be required. For girls, this means no skirts (short or otherwise), no yoga pants, and no “booty shorts”, sandals or low-cut or midriff shirts. Bathing suits or swimwear of any kind are prohibited. Overly tight clothing, or clothing with obviously offensive or distasteful slogans or graphics will not be tolerated. Swearing or abusive language is not allowed in any form. This is a G-rated camp.

How to register as a Youth Volunteer

  • Click on the button below that says “Click Here to Register”.

  • Create an account. Fill in the information asked for. You will need to pick either the Sammamish Trails Daytime or Twilight session, depending on which one you are working. If you are working both sessions, just pick one, there will be an opportunity as you register to indicate you are working both sessions.

  • Under Pack number, list 518.

  • After you create your account, you will need to log in and register. Click on “Registration forms” and then click on Youth Volunteer”. Fill out all required information. This is where you say if you are working Daytime, Twilight, or both. also, where you are asked to indicate which days you are working (all, we hope), please indicate your preference for Den Chief, Craft Stations, Woodworking, Cooking, or Shooting Sports. We do our best to assign based on preference, but we cannot make any promises.

Registration questions

Contact our Camp Director, Patty Spear. You can staff both sessions, even though when you create your account you will need to choose one session. You do not need to register twice to staff Daytime AND Twilight.